23 May

Operation 'Build Downhill Course' Bestwood Park, Nottingham

Me and a few mates have been busy in Bestwood Woods, Nottinghamshire, building a downhill course to beat all downhill courses! Here are some pictures of our progress.

The beautifully sculpted 'S' Burm 🙂

Me looking slighlty perplexed at the thought of jumping these crazy creations!

Brian during mid flight 🙂

Russ powering through the burm after the log jump

Acknowledgements to Russ for the photos freshly ripped from facebook!

Here's some helmet cam footage of the run.

17 Mar

New Helmet Camera POV.1 Footage

Here is some footage from my new helmet cam the POV.1 an awesome camera which can capture at 720×480 in mpeg4 more info here Action Cameras.

Max, my mate took a tumble in the mud, luckily he escaped with just cuts and bruises.

18 Feb

XC Biking in the Amber Valley, Derbyshire

Myself and 2 mates, Bri and Anth, had a great ride out in Derbyshire over the weekend. We covered approx 35 miles we think, taking in the sights of Allport, Kirk Ireton, Carsington Water, Middleton Top, Black Rock and Shining Cliff Woods. It was quite a long ride and very cold but highly enjoyable here is some pics from the ride.

29 Nov

Welcome to my new blog!

Hello Everyone!

This is my new blog. I’ve bought myself some webspace with an american company called Vexxhost, they’ve charged me next to nothing for the domain ant0ny.net and 100gb of webspace for about $2.55 per month!

Check em out for their hosting options. Vexxhost Hosting

Here’s a pic of me and my two cousins Kev and Ste, we had a great time in Krakow Poland over the weekend to celebrate Ste’s 30th birthday.

Kev, Ste and Ant in Poland

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